1. We can use the heating method to soften the double-sided tape. Use the hot air of the hair dryer to blow the place with the glue marks. After the double-sided tape is softened, the traces can be easily removed.2. If it is alrea.....  MORE+
1. We can use a paper towel to apply some washing liquid, which is the washing liquid used in painting. Wipe back and forth in the place where there is offset printing. After a short while, you can remove it.2. We can also stick t.....  MORE+
1. When we hang things on the wall and need to punch holes, we can always control the depth of drilling. We can use nails to measure the depth first, then put a layer of tape on the punching machine, which can be very accurate. It.....  MORE+
In the usual scotch tape we will often use it, but there is a problem with it, its tape head is very difficult to find, today Xiaoyu will share a few small coups, let us quickly find the beginning of the tape Let's take a look at .....  MORE+
In addition to the things used to glue things in daily life, what other magical effects? Let's take a look!Put the seasoning when cooking, if it is a flat spoon, it is difficult to control. At this time, we can stick a piece of ta.....  MORE+