In life, you often use tape to stick things. Many times you will accidentally leave traces. Here are
1. We can use a paper towel to apply some washing liquid, which is the washing liquid used in painting. Wipe back and forth in the place where there is offset printing. After a short while, you can remove it.
2. We can also stick the new scotch tape on the old tape and stick the old tape. This method is also better than 3. You can use the eraser. This method is relatively simple. It will be printed at the beginning. It turns black, but it doesn't matter, because the rubber marks on the tape will be slowly wiped off by the rubber. After cleaning, it will become very clean, but the eraser is only suitable for small areas, and the large area will be too tired. .
4. Don't throw the expired whip. It can also be used to wipe the traces left by the tape, because it contains some chemical ingredients, and these ingredients will help to remove the tape marks.
5. It is also good to wipe with alcohol. When using this method, you need to make sure that the place to be rubbed will fade. If it doesn't fade, wipe it off with a cloth and rub some alcohol until it is wiped off. It will be fine.
6. Dishwashing detergent can also remove the gel marks. The method is the same as other methods, and it is very simple.
7. The nail polish that we usually use also contains chemical ingredients, which can also effectively remove the rubber marks, and the effect is quite good.