It is difficult to find the beginning of the tape, learn these tricks, find one! Super practical!
In the usual scotch tape we will often use it, but there is a problem with it, its tape head is very difficult to find, today Xiaoyu will share a few small coups, let us quickly find the beginning of the tape Let's take a look at Xiaoyu! First take out our tape,

Just need to take a roundabout and put it on top after we last used it.

The next time we wait for us to use it, we only need to open this head one by one.

If you feel that this is a problem, or if there is no whirlpool at home, we can use a toothpick, put the toothpick here and stick it.

When we use it next time, we can see where it is at a glance.

If you think that these two methods are more difficult or more troublesome, you need a simpler method. We only need to fold a few times at the beginning.

You can see this beginning when you look at it. We just need to uncover it.