If the double-sided tape is stuck for a long time, it is difficult to remove, and sometimes it will
1. We can use the heating method to soften the double-sided tape. Use the hot air of the hair dryer to blow the place with the glue marks. After the double-sided tape is softened, the traces can be easily removed.
2. If it is already dark, you can put some white oil on it, then wipe it off with a rag and wash it off with water. If there is no white flower oil in the house, you can replace it with wind oil or oil, and rub it repeatedly until it is clear and clean.
3. You can find a dry cloth covered with vinegar, and then cover the place with traces. Remember to cover it. After the glue marks on the top are completely wet, you can use a tool such as a ruler to gently scrape off. It is.