The tape originally had so many uses, and solved the small troubles of every household!
1. When we hang things on the wall and need to punch holes, we can always control the depth of drilling. We can use nails to measure the depth first, then put a layer of tape on the punching machine, which can be very accurate. It is.
2. When we cook, use a spoon to hold salt or raw powder, etc. It is not too much or too little. It is difficult to control the amount. We can put the tape on the top of the bottle for one-third of the bottle, so that each time the spoon Gently scrape on the top, the amount is fixed.
3. The clothes or hats in the house will often be covered with hair and the like, and the tape will be wrapped around the hand, and the hair on the clothes and the hat can be easily adhered.
4. When you bring a bracelet, it is always a bad idea to give yourself a self, it doesn't matter, teach you a little trick. Stick the tape to the side and stick the wrist on the upper line, then you can easily bring the handle chain.
5. If you see your favorite pattern or pattern, you can print the fuck out and stick it on the transparent tape. Then we can use the spoon to scrape the surface of the tape, cut it and soak it in the water. Then you can get rid of the paper and stick it on your favorite things.
6. Cut a piece of transparent tape. It is recommended to be a wider one. Stick the cut tape to the keyboard, then slightly buckle the dirty keyboard with your hand, then tear off the tape. Repeating the back and forth several times, you can remove the dirt on the surface of the keyboard.