Every necessary scotch tape is versatile, not only can stick things, but there are still some magica
In addition to the things used to glue things in daily life, what other magical effects? Let's take a look!

Put the seasoning when cooking, if it is a flat spoon, it is difficult to control. At this time, we can stick a piece of tape on the top of the bottle mouth. When digging a spoonful of seasoning, put the seasoning Smooth the tape underneath so that we can get a flat spoon of seasoning.

When cleaning, I often encounter dust sweeping. At this time, I can use the tape paper, fix it, and then clean it, and the dust will be cleaned up.

Tape can also be used as a cup holder. First prepare two short tapes, stick them together, then take out a long tape of paper and fix it horizontally from above. This makes a simple cup holder complete. I didn’t expect the scotch tape to have so many magical The role? Come home and give it a try.